A Journey Completed

Frederick Orville Lanphear
December 22, 1935 – September 9, 2010

Surrounded by his loving family, Fred passed away in peace on September 9, 2010.

Fred lived his life to the fullest. Spanning almost 75 years, his journey took him to all corners of the earth and left a lasting impression on so many people. He was a happy and dutiful son, a loving husband, a proud father and grandfather, a remarkable teacher and mentor, a stalwart friend and community leader, a gentle and compassionate spirit that lived a courageous life and died an inspirational death.

Fred will be missed, but he has left a legacy of building community and a vision of possibility that empowers those who knew him and those that hear his story to carry on, to continue their work, and to be their greatest. Please share your stories of Fred on the Shared Memories page and join us in celebrating his life and death and amazing journey.